Modules indispensables

  • Rate Management Module
  • Air and Road Dispatch Management Module
  • Air and Road Reception Management Module

#1: Description

The Invoicing module serves to check the invoices of the carriers. In order to check an invoice, it is sufficient to enter the period, the countries and the name of the carrier, and the system directly generates a list of the corresponding dispatches with the price declared by the carrier. Thanks to the Dispatch Process Management and Air and Road Reception modules, the price provided by the carrier for a dispatch includes all the additional costs and surcharges. The list of dispatches with the prices, which is generated by the Invoicing module, must thus correspond exactly with the invoice of the carrier. There are several ways of using the lists generated by the Invoicing Module:
- If there is a difference in the invoice of the carrier, the invoicing module makes it possible to isolate the dispatches that were overcharged, so that a complaint can be addressed to the carrier.
- “Self-billing” is even better: the user sends his/her invoice to the carrier, which must then carry out a check on its own

#2: Advantages

The Invoicing module makes it possible to have complete control over the invoices of carriers. This systematic control makes it possible to reject overcharged dispatches. A check can be carried out in a few minutes and saves a lot of time when compared against a manual check, which is slow and only approximate.
The management of complaints against the carrier for overcharged dispatches can be carried out through the Dispute Management module.
Self-billing is the most optimal use of the invoicing module. It makes it possible to generate pre-invoices in advance and enables complete control over the invoices of the carrier, cost and budget planning and the complete elimination of the need to check carrier invoices. In order to use Self-billing optimally, it is recommended that the certified weighing system be used in order to avoid any disputes with the carrier.

#3: Associated Modules

  • Weighing Module
  • Bar Code Identification Module
  • Dispute Management Module
  • Carrier Report Module