Modules indispensables

  • Rate Management Module

#1: Description

The Simulation Interface module makes it possible to view the rates of the carriers for given measurements (weight, volume, floor dimensions) without using the weighing unit. This module can be used:
- If the scales are not being used and the measurements of the dispatches are imported from the integrated management system of the company
- For the sales staff, so that they can submit an accurate transport cost when drafting an offer
- To simulate the price of an import and estimate the correct price of the most suitable carrier

#2: Advantages

For the companies that choose not to buy the weighing system, the Simulation Interface module gets integrated into the logistical process of the company regardless of the location. The selection of the carrier can, for example, be made at the time of creating the order if the measurements of the goods are known.

For the sales staff to submit offers, knowing the transport price is often important but neglected. With control of the transport price, the transport station can become a profit centre instead of being a source of hidden costs.

If the Air and Road Reception Management Module is not used, the simulation makes it possible to optimise transport at the time of importing and to control its costs.

#3: Associated Modules

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  • Dispute Management Module
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  • Tracking Module