Modules indispensables

  • Rate Management Module
  • Air and Road Dispatch Management Module

#1: Description

The management of the air and road goods reception process is an often-neglected but important aspect for the complete management of transport in the company and for a more controlled reduction of costs. It is unwise to monitor costs at the time of dispatch only to have these efforts wasted by a poor choice of the carrier by your suppliers.

The Air and Road Reception Management module enables the company to control the transport costs of imported goods by getting its suppliers to enter the dispatch data in an interface in order to select the best carrier. Once they reach their destination, the goods may be weighed (if the weighing module has been acquired) or identified and entered in the database of the system. Through this database, all the additional modules can be used for the goods to be dispatched that are managed by the Air and Road Expedition Management Module.

The air and road reception management comprises several customisable steps depending on the profile of the company:
- Filling in of the “dispatch data” interface by the supplier
- Scanning of the bar code or identification of the received goods
- Verification of measurements and entry of the data into the TLS database
- Confirmation before transportation of the total of the costs associated with this import

#2: Advantages

Optimisation of the selection of the carrier for the received goods
  • Reduction of costs
  • Optimised and automatic selection of the best carrier
  • Transparency and control of transport activities
  • Creation of a dispatch database

#3: Associated Modules

  • Weighing Module
  • Bar Code Identification Module
  • Invoicing Module
  • Reports Module
  • Dispute Management Module
  • Carrier Report Module
  • CMR Module
  • Truck Loading Verification Module
  • Packaging Management Module
  • Tracking Module