Modules indispensables

  • Rate Management Module

#1: Description

The management of the air and road dispatch process and the selection of the carrier through the TLS application are major advantages of the solution. The optimisation of the selection of the carrier enables a reduction in and permanent control of the transport costs. The data of each shipment can come from various sources: the bar code, the scales or the integrated management system of the company or often from a combination of the three. The air and road dispatch management comprises several customisable steps depending on the profile of the company:
- Validation of a dispatch or a group of multiple dispatches addressed to the same destination
- Verification of the address of the client
- Selection of the carrier
- Tracking management through a connection to the web-service of the carrier or by sending a manifest if the carrier does not have a monitoring system

#2: Advantages

Optimisation of the selection of the carrier on a case-by-case basis
  • Reduction of costs
  • Optimised and automatic selection of the best carrier
  • Transparency and control of transport activities
  • Creation of a dispatch database
  • Traceability of the dispatch process

#3: Associated Modules

  • Air and Road Reception Management Module
  • Weighing Module
  • Bar Code Identification Module
  • Invoicing Module
  • Reports Module
  • Dispute Management Module
  • Carrier Report Module
  • CMR Module
  • Truck Loading Verification Module
  • Packaging Management Module
  • Weighing Module
  • Tracking Module