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#1: Description

The TLS solution can function completely independent of the integrated management systems of companies (ERP, SAP, etc.). However, in general, it is advisable to integrate the two systems in order to prevent duplicate operations when entering data.

The TLS solution can be integrated without any problem into all integrated client management systems such as SAP ERP, IBM i, etc. Through a bidirectional platform, the information is transferred from the management system to the TLS system and the required information can be further sent to the management system of the clients.

The information from the client system includes, among other things:
- The reference of the client purchase order
- The reference of the purchase order within the company
- The contact details of the client
- The bar code of the goods

The information sent to the client system includes, among other things: • The tracking number of the sent or received goods • The amount of the transport costs

#2: Advantages

The integration of the systems provides:
  • Increased effectiveness of operations
  • Complete tracking of shipments
  • Saving time
  • Integrated reports

#3: Associated Modules

  • Air and Road Dispatch Management Module
  • Air and Road Reception Management Module
  • Rate Management Module
  • Weighing Module
  • Bar Code Identification Module
  • Invoicing Module
  • Reports Module
  • Dispute Management Module
  • Carrier Report Module
  • CMR Module
  • Truck Loading Verification Module
  • Packaging Management Module
  • Tracking Module