Modules indispensables

  • Air and Road Dispatch Management Module
  • Bar Code Identification Module

#1: Description

The Truck Loading Verification Module is always the last module used in the transport management process. It comes into the picture when the carrier loads the truck in the warehouse of the company. It makes it possible, thanks to a scanning system for bar codes when each parcel/pallet is entering the truck, to ensure that each parcel/pallet is indeed intended for that carrier. It also makes it possible to ensure that the carrier has indeed loaded all the parcels intended for it. This verification operation makes it possible to bring the number of loading errors to zero.

#2: Advantages

The verification of the loading of trucks makes it possible to prevent parcel dispatch errors, which lead to
  • Major re-dispatching costs or even the loss of goods
  • Dissatisfied clients
  • The loss of time taken to manage these problems

#3: Associated Modules

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