Modules indispensables

  • Rate Management Module
  • Air and Road Dispatch Management Module
  • Air and Road Reception Management Module
  • Carrier Report Module

#1: Description

The Dispute Management module makes it possible to enter a dispute in the system, save it in the memory and inform the carrier. The reason for the dispute may be an invoicing error or a problem during dispatch, such as goods that are damaged, lost or delivered late. The Dispute Management module can only be implemented in combination with the Air and Road Dispatch and Reception, Invoicing, and Carrier Report modules.

#2: Advantages

The systematic management of disputes makes it possible to:
  • Carry out a complete tracking of disputes
  • Inform the carrier for each dispute
  • Assess the cost of errors so that a credit note can be asked for
  • Evaluate the quality of the carrier

#3: Associated Modules

  • Weighing Module
  • Invoicing Module