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#1: Description

The Maritime Management module handles the management of all maritime dispatches or receptions, whether complete containers, loose goods, consolidated shipments or Roll On-Roll Off goods.
With the purpose of controlling costs and having complete traceability of the dispatches at the time of import and export, the Maritime Management module systematises the search for the best forwarding agent in real time for each container.
The Maritime Management module also enables the management of all the documents associated with maritime dispatch (Bill of Lading, Interchange, MSDS, etc.). The management of documents is of prime importance in maritime import or export and a clear and monitored management makes it possible to prevent problems that could be catastrophic for the company if they are not handled correctly.

#2: Advantages

Optimisation of the selection of the forwarding agent and management of maritime documents
  • Reduction of costs
  • Selection of the best forwarding agent for each dispatch
  • Management of documents for maritime dispatches
  • Creation of a dispatch and document database
  • Traceability of dispatches and documents

#3: Associated Modules

  • Weighing Module
  • Bar Code Identification Module
  • Dispute Management Module
  • Carrier Report Module
  • Invoicing Module
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