Modules indispensables

  • Air and Road Dispatch Management Module
  • Air and Road Reception Management Module

#1: Description

The scales module is a system that measures each parcel/pallet and indicates:
- The weight
- Volume
- Floor dimensions

The scales are adapted to each client according to the number of dispatches and receptions, the size of the goods and the space in the warehouse. The scales are approved by an independent certifying organisation, which makes it possible to obtain exact (and indisputable) measurements for all parcels/pallets at the time of reception as well as dispatch. The weighing module is strongly recommended for companies which manage dispatches of different sizes and volumes and/or which do not know the weight/volume/floor dimensions of their parcels/pallets.

#2: Advantages

Exact measurement of the dimensions of the parcels/pallets
  • Optimisation of the transport costs
  • Accurate search for the best carrier
  • Audit of invoices to the nearest cent
  • Independence with respect to the measures taken (and invoiced) by the carrier
  • Indispensable for evolving towards Self-Billing
  • No more disputes with the carrier regarding the measurements of dispatches

#3: Associated Modules

  • Invoicing Module
  • Reports Module
  • Dispute Management Module
  • Carrier Report Module
  • Packaging Management Module
  • Bar Code Module